Published April 8, 2012 by Aisha sherina

Hi All

This wall hanging is made using ice-cream sticks and stocking flowers. This crafts will be fun to do for any age group. I did this many years back and it  is an easy to do craft. According to your creativity you can make wall hangings of different size and shape using this method. Here I used stocking flowers to decorate the sticks , but you can use clay flowers. sea shells, pista shells, stones, etc to decorate them.

Things You will Need

Ice-cream Sticks

  1.               Green Tape
  2.              Gum





  1. Twist the wire in the  shape of a petal and cover it with the stockings and make 3 different size petals of 5 each. Now make three flower of different size from these petals. Also place pollens in the centre of the flower to decorate them.
  2. Now cover the ice-cream with green tape and keep aside.
  3. Next arrange the sticks in the desired shape and size by sticking the end together with a gum.
  4.  Arrange the flowers and stick them to the ice-cream stick using the glue.
  5. You can also give additional effects by decorating the flowers with glitters and stuffing the flower arrangement with twisted wires.

Yes, it is very simple as it sounds and it can be very fun for kids too.


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