Published February 14, 2013 by Aisha sherina

I had few roses gifted by dear husband and I was thinking of some idea to use it in  some kind of craft so that I can treasure it for ever. And here is the outcome. Isn’t it a nice idea to show him how I still treasure that gift close to my heart.



1. cardboard

2.dried rose petals

3. white glue

4.ackrylic paint liner

6. glass paint

*First of all stick the rose petals on to the card board with glue and allow it to dry for 24 hours.


*Then paint the entire cardboard over the petals with red paint with damaging the petals and allow it to dry for another day.



*Then cut an appropriate glass of same size as the cardboard.

*Now you can write your message, love quotes or anything as you wish with glass paint.And then finally get it framed.

If you want you can add more decorations with glass liner. In this case I have written Holy phrase but any love quotes will be better if you are gifting it to your love. Won’t it be nice to make a gift  with the same flower to the person who gifted you the flower. What an amazing idea!


4 comments on “GIFT FOR YOUR DEAR ONES

  • This is a supercute creative idea… makes loved one feel how much you treasured their gift….can also try sticking those flowers in a card 🙂 thank u for this idea…keep going

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