Chrysanthemum Mirror – Wall Decor

Published June 26, 2013 by Aisha sherina


Chrysanthemum flowers are one of my favorite flower. These spoon -shaped flowers are the iconic symbol of Mothers day. So, why not make a chrysanthemum wall decor using plastic spoon for your mother.

Things You’ll Need                                      IMG_3065[1]

  • 4 packets of 50 plastic spoons
  • Glue gun
  • Hard board
  • 7″ mirror
  • Cutters/scissors
  • Acrylic paint(orange)


Firstly cut the handles of all the spoons with a scissor. Then draw a 20″ circle  on a card board. Now place the mirror in the center of the circle and cut out that portion. Now you can start sticking the spoons with a glue gun.

After attaching all the spoon I gave a couple of coats of Orange color. Now you can fix the mirror to the centre portion. Also attach a hook at the back of the card board to hang the craft work. I just love its out come.




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