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A Flower Vase From Waste.

Published January 28, 2013 by Aisha sherina

I found two piece of glass lying in my store-room and made two unique piece of art from it. In the first I stuck it over a hard board and then painted it. And decorated with silver beads around the board. Came out the same way as I had thought.



In the second one the rectangular sheet was made from ceramic clay and then painted it  peacock feather colors. Then I stuck the glass piece over it. Now it can be used as a vase.




Published April 5, 2012 by Aisha sherina

Hi All

This is also a glass painting  painted with blue and red glass paints and decorated with  white stones, blue color 3D out liner..

And in the back ground I have placed a white paper. However,  I am bit confused about the background, whether to place a white paper or an aluminium foil in background. If you have some suggestions, please  give …


Published April 5, 2012 by Aisha sherina

In Reverse glass painting technique the painting is done on one side of the glass and viewed from the other side of the glass. Unlike in normal glass painting, in reverse glass painting the finer details are done first and then the background. Which means the details that have to be seen in the foreground is painted initially. For instance, if you are painting a body with jewellery first you need to paint the jewellery followed by the body. So in reverse glass painting minute details like eyes, lips, eyebrows are painted  and then the face.

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