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Published February 22, 2018 by Aisha sherina

ceramic craft on a mdf board and on ice cream sticks


Burj – Khalifa Pencil Coloring

Published December 1, 2013 by Aisha sherina


Masha Allah!!! My five-year old son drew this. It is well framed and displayed in his school’ s art gallery.

Anyone can learn to draw well, but as a proud mother I can say my son was born with a natural talent to draw. He had the talent of perceiving objects and putting down on papers from a very small age. I remember him,  2.5 years at that time, used to closely watch things around him and the next moment he was spotted in his own world of doodling and drawings.  May the Almighty Allah bless him  and fulfill all his dreams.

Chrysanthemum Mirror – Wall Decor

Published June 26, 2013 by Aisha sherina


Chrysanthemum flowers are one of my favorite flower. These spoon -shaped flowers are the iconic symbol of Mothers day. So, why not make a chrysanthemum wall decor using plastic spoon for your mother.

Things You’ll Need                                      IMG_3065[1]

  • 4 packets of 50 plastic spoons
  • Glue gun
  • Hard board
  • 7″ mirror
  • Cutters/scissors
  • Acrylic paint(orange)


Firstly cut the handles of all the spoons with a scissor. Then draw a 20″ circle  on a card board. Now place the mirror in the center of the circle and cut out that portion. Now you can start sticking the spoons with a glue gun.

After attaching all the spoon I gave a couple of coats of Orange color. Now you can fix the mirror to the centre portion. Also attach a hook at the back of the card board to hang the craft work. I just love its out come.





Published February 14, 2013 by Aisha sherina

I had few roses gifted by dear husband and I was thinking of some idea to use it in  some kind of craft so that I can treasure it for ever. And here is the outcome. Isn’t it a nice idea to show him how I still treasure that gift close to my heart.



1. cardboard

2.dried rose petals

3. white glue

4.ackrylic paint

5.glass liner

6. glass paint

*First of all stick the rose petals on to the card board with glue and allow it to dry for 24 hours.


*Then paint the entire cardboard over the petals with red paint with damaging the petals and allow it to dry for another day.



*Then cut an appropriate glass of same size as the cardboard.

*Now you can write your message, love quotes or anything as you wish with glass paint.And then finally get it framed.

If you want you can add more decorations with glass liner. In this case I have written Holy phrase but any love quotes will be better if you are gifting it to your love. Won’t it be nice to make a gift  with the same flower to the person who gifted you the flower. What an amazing idea!

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